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Posted by Member: Aaron Ganz
Social Media Tips for Small Businesses:

Fun Facts & Tips from Presentation by GANZ Media & Member Aaron Ganz

How Can Social Media Help your Small Business?

How Can Social Media Help your Small Business?


▪ 50% Of businesses don’t have websites.

▪ Buzz – We need to create the buzz in media through searches, friending, liking and networking with media technology.

▪ Social Media Helps Create an on-line PR campaign.

▪ Paid Media – sending out online or direct mail campaign. Sending out adds on social media sites.

▪ Earned Media – Sites where people sign in such as Facebook or Linked-in  and you build a base organically over time. (Friending and liking in social media)

▪ Blogs/Postings – These are proven 60% effective as a marketing campaign. Two or more a month can really boost your business profile. This in return creates website traffic.

▪ Diversify Risk – consider graphic design, electronic printed flyers to email out, good use of color for branding, using social media is key.

▪ Cookies and Super-Cookies – These on line tools are usually collected through search engines and companies such as Google sell the information so your adds pop up through the use of key words in a particular search area. (This is paid for information). Cookies were started over 20 years ago. Cookies track information for your preferences using PC computers, smart phones, game consoles and TV’s. In many cases these can be deleted from your browser history. The new super cookies created by Google and Microsoft can link your personal serial numbers of your devices to global accounts, such as Microsoft and Google accounts. These tracking lists are potentially sold for marketing.

▪ Statistical Results –
Facebook – 75% successful exposure (Has 1.44 billion users) Global
Twitter – 80% successful exposure (500 million users) Global
Linkedin  - 30% successful exposure (Hits over 3 million users) Global
Instagram -  (77.6 million users) Global

▪ Social Media effects marketing by a 63% success rate.

▪ Constant Contact and Mail Chimp – These are marketing services which you subscribe to for sending out communication to a list of subscribers. Mail Chimp is free for any list of 2,000 or less subscribers. You can manage email lists from a smart phone.
Constant Contact charges $15 per month after the first two months.
Mail Chimp is free until the list exceeds 2,000 members
Both sites track information from on line subscribers.

▪ Fact – Google owns YouTube. There are now add campaigns when you search video’s on the Youtube site.

▪ Website – Think of the analogy of it being the island. Using social media gets traffic to your website or the island.

▪Keywords – These pop up in searches however these sometimes take several weeks before they are effective.


▪ You can export your contacts through your LinkedIn account. You can then send out a post or email flyer to your LinkedIn network.

▪ Email campaign – send out an email flyer to potential members through the use of each members Linked-in network.

▪ Monthly blogs help increase a company's awareness.

▪ Flyer – create a new flyer to send out in an email blast.

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