Our Recent Speaker was Our Member, Paul Super

Paul J Super, OD FAAO, past Chair of Optometry at Cedar Sinai Medical Center.

Dr. Super really cares. He and his team do all they can to accommodate the patient’s needs, including making the visits convenient. He has a team approach.

For instance, if it is discovered that your child’s eye discomfort is an allergy or the result of compulsive rubbing behavior, Dr. Super will refer you to the best and most competent allergist or child psychiatrist, should that be something you would want for your child. Referrals reflect the quality of care and service you receive in Dr. Super’s practice.

Should you have a friend whose eyes are red, or who squints, especially in the bright light…think of Dr. Super. If someone is always using eyedrops for dry or blurred vision; if someone always uses readers and a light to read a menu… think of Dr. Super. Symptoms like these might mean only that someone needs new glasses, or glasses for the first time, or contact lenses or a better prescriptions medication for the symptom…or it may mean there is something more serious going on.

From examining your eyes, Dr. Super can tell you everything about your vision and the state of your eyes and more… for instance, he can see if you have high cholesterol, diabetes, or an allergy. Then he would refer you to whichever practitioner could fill your need.

Dr. Super has all the latest equipment and he has a well trained staff. They miss nothing. One hardly needs an ophthalmologist if one goes to Paul Super for his or her eye care.

And the options a patient has in his office are many. He has the best designer (and non designer) glass frames and knows what looks best on which shape of face etc. He has every kind of contact lens: hard, soft, tinted.… He even has one that is worn only at night which actually can correct a person’s vision permanently!

Dr. Super is super. He wouldn’t have been the head of optometry if he weren’t. Last but in no way least, Paul Super is warm friendly, intelligent, caring doctor who really gets to know you, so you can get what you really need from him and/or whomever he may refer you to.