Arva Rose

I provide a safe place for people to come with their pain or confusion. Everything is absolutely confidential, without judgement or criticism.

I help people get what they want out of life.

I help people deal with their relationships.

I help them get out of bad ones or into good ones or, if possible, turn good ones gone bad back to good. These can be with parents or partners or children; sometimes it’s with bosses or employees. But always it’s with oneself. That’s the most important relationship. If that one’s not healthy, the others probably won’t be either.

I help people clarify what they want. Surprisingly, many people don’t know what they want in a given situation or relationship. If you don’t know what you want, you certainly can’t get it. If you don’t know what you feel, you certainly can’t fix it. Clarity is power.

I help people find their truth. Generally speaking, if you are less than truthful, i.e. if you are dishonest, you cannot have a healthy relationship. In a marriage, for instance, if you’re not honest…you’re not there. Only part of you is, the dishonest part isn’t you.

I help people learn to communicate. In life and in bed.

I help people find intimacy. Intimacy is not just sex…although healthy sex in a love relationship is absolutely necessary and I do a lot of work with people in this arena. Still, the real intimacy is truth telling. Without that, there can be no trust. Without truth and trust the sex and the relationship will grow hollow.

I help people because I know that every one of us needs to be seen, and heard and valued for what we are. And many of us were not. I often hear people say the damage was done in childhood and it’s too late now to change anything. The damage probably was done in childhood, but it is never too late to change some things.

It is never too late to live.

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